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Now this is arguably one of very hottest teen schoolgirl spanking scenes that I have seen in a long, long time. This naughty schoolgirl, who is actually fairly good looking, has been naughty and is staying in class after hours for some teen discipline. The teacher pulls her over his knee and starts spanking her bare buttocks with his bare hand. She is already completely nude at this point. The teacher is out to make her feel very ashamed of herself. Lovely as this teen may be, she’s been naughty and she needs to be humiliated so the teacher is going to have an easier time molding her young brain. While he is spanking her, he spreads her butt cheeks apart and looks at her bumhole and her swollen teenage labia. She’s struggling to get out of her punishment, but it has no effect. With her freshly spanked buttocks, she has to take place at a school bench in the nude. She is being taught proper position. Do you see those buttocks sticking out backwards? In the full gallery we get to see plenty of close up shots from behind her. And yes, her bumhole and her cute teen pussy lips are to die for! You’ll just want to fall to your knees and lick this girls’ bottom and pussy. What a sweety!!! :D

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This sexy little redhead teen has been up to no good at the Girls Boarding School. Naturally, the teachers aren’t going to put up with her nasty shit. She’s going to get a cane spanking across her pert little buttocks. She gets to keep on her tight jeans at first. Just look at that cuty’s face as the cane swats down on her cheeks, causing a stinging pain in her rear end. And this is just the start of it. As the spanking punishment continues, she starts to look a little more worried. She can barely hold back her tears, that poor girl! Her jeans come off and now she is getting a caning to her naked buttocks. That smarts! She is made to pose with her hands on top of her head. Her naughty cheeks are covered with dark welts. That’s another lesson learned at the Girls Boarding School!

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Now this is how you take care of your naughty teen girls around the house! You think corporal punishment is old fashioned and no longer applied? You’d be right about the first, but wrong about the latter! In this medieval setting, these two teenage girls are helping around the house, doing their chores. The next thing you know, they make a little screw up and they have to have a teen spanking because of it! The local wizard takes the girls outside, strips them naked and ties them to the wooden benches. The girls now have no choice but to lean over and let their naked buttocks stick out backwards. The wizard wastes no time in delivering a brutal cane spanking to these girls’ naked buttocks. The dark welts on their teenage asses are sure to last them a long time!

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This girl and her chunky cheeks are attending the Girls Boarding School and she’s been a little naughty. She’s heard some stuff about what goes on at this school, but she never quite believed it. Until it happened to her, ofcourse. And now look at the look on her face! She has to bend over with her tight jeans still on while the teacher slaps her butt with a carpet beater. She’s hoping that this is all the punishment she will have to go through, because it’s nearly making the poor girl cry. But no… sadistic as this teacher from Girls Boarding School is, he makes her take her pants off and bend over once more. This time, it’s no longer a carpet beater working her ass over. It’s the dreaded cane. And nothing hurts more! Want to see this ‘innocent’ girl hold back her tears?