Sadistic Teen Enjoys Her Spanking Punishment

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What are you going to do when a teenager has been naughty and you know upfront she is sadistic enough that she is going to enjoy her spanking punishment? Easy! You spank her anyway! That’s how this mistress is doing it. She has this spanking fetish loving teenager strip down to her birthday suit and then she proceeds to deal out a severe spanking to those full buttocks.

With every spanking this girl takes to her bum, a bigger and bigger smile appears on her face. If the mistress keeps this up long enough, she’s going to cum HARD!!! I can just see it coming! For this girl’s sake, it’s a good thing she was disciplined by a mistress and not by me. Knowing myself, I would not have been able to control myself for more than 10 minutes around a naughty, naked teen this sexy!

I would’ve probably tied her up, dragged her into my basement and kept her there. A teen like this deserves to be spanked and fucked in the bum on a daily basis.

Severe Teen Spanking With Real Tears

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In Russia, mature people know how to deal with their naughty teenagers. This blonde girl and her brunette girlfriend have gotten themselves in trouble and now they are going to get spanking punished for it. This guy spends some time talking to his wife while he has the teens pose with their freshly spanked buttocks and their hands on their head. How humiliating!

Both of these girls receive a severe spanking over the knee with the bare hand, but also with the strap and the cane later on. This guy has absolutely no mercy on these teenage buttocks. One of the girls just breaks down and bursts into tears while her soft little tushy receives the beating of its life. No acting here. These tears are real.

I sure hope somebody comforted that teen afterwards. Winking smile

Sexy Mistress Mercilessly Cane Spanks Naughty Teen Buttocks

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Naughty teenagers deserve to get severely thrashed, punished, spanked, caned and strapped. This sexy and strict mistress knows this and she has no reservations about whipping out the old cane when a couple of teen girls are giving her lip. This brunette teen and her blonde girlfriend are getting their naked buttocks worked over really well with the cane today.

The mistress has them bend over with their legs spread out wide. We get a good look at those teenage pussy lips which are swelling up from the spanking. We also get to see those sexy teenage butt puckers. I am surprised the mistress has enough self disclipine to keep her fingers out of those teen asses. Because I myself would be all over those sexy assholes with all my 11 fingers!

Sexy Teen Receives Her First Spanking Punishment

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I’ll bet you want to see her take a beating to her sexy buttocks!

Rarely do we get to see such beautiful teenage girls being spanked harshly and mercilessly to their buttocks. But even gorgeous teenies such as this blondie can be naughty every once in a while and when that happens they are going to require a teen spanking to put them back in their rightful place. Teen girls are supposed to obey older men.

This is her very first spanking punishment. And these guys are not going easy on her just because she’s pretty. The contrary is true… because not only do they spank her bottom severely, they also have her bend over so they can insert a dildo into her naughty teenage bottom! Don’t you wish you were one of those guys? I’d muff dive this cuty for hours after her punishment!!!