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I’m a naughty beer drinking twat and now I’m getting spanked.

Micaela is relatively new at the Girls Boarding School. She should’ve read up on the rules right after she got there, because she’s already broken a dozen of them. No wonder she keeps getting herself into these humiliating spanking situations.

This naughty teen is naturally submissive and will pretty much accept any corporal punishment the headmasters have in store for her. And if a mere otk spanking to the bare buttocks is not enough, then she’s going to have to undress and receive her teen spanking while she is fully nude.

No false acting here. Instead, Micaela treats us to lots of submission and real tears. Headmaster Tom doesn’t take long to get Micaela out of her sexy bathing suit and into her boarding school uniform.

Had it been me to deliver the spanking to Micaela’s bottom, I would’ve probably also snuck in a few nipple pinchers on thos perky tits of hers. When going for a  good corporal punishment, might as well make it a complete one.

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