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Oh no, not the cane! Anything but the cane!!!

Everybody who has visited Girls Boarding School in the past, is likely to be familiar with Linda. Linda is one of the most well known girls from GBS. She’s a real classic who is well known for her cutesy, innocent looks.

Just when you think that you would never seen another GBS Linda video again… here are some lost files that GBS has dug up from their archives. This previously unreleased footage of Linda being spanked is now available in the GBS member area.

This video shows Linda up against the wall in the full nood. With her hands on top of her head she look at the cane that is about to deal out a severe spanking punishment to her teen buttocks.

She is ordered to bend over and we get some really good views of her perky little ass, her tight teenage cornhole, her swollen pussy lips and her lovely teen titties.

Linda receives the cane spanking of a lifetime from headmaster Tom. As you might expect, Linda leaves the room with a backside that is lit up from all the cane swatting!

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