When young girls step out of line… they need spankings.

These two young girls have stepped out of line. And if you check out this blog every once in a while, then I’m guessing you know exactly what this means!

That’s right… they’re in for a teen spanking!

When the girls step into the room where they will be disciplined, they are not yet sure what awaits them. They look at each other a little uncomfortably. But it quickly becomes quite clear to them what they will have to endure for the next half hour or so…

The teacher is a little sadistic (or lazy) and decides to have a little fun with them… by having one of the girls be spanked by her girlfriend!!!

How incredibly shameful they must feel to be forced to do this to each other.

The teacher listens to the smacks across the girl’s bare bottoms and now he wants to do some spanking of his own.

He positions the girls in a bent over position and reacher for his slipper. He spanks the girls across their bare bottocks with his slipper. The girl’s buttocks start lighting up nicely. The teacher continues his spanking punishment anyway.

Once the girls have had enough slipper spanking, they go over the teacher’s lap for some more otk spanking!

Man… these girls don’t know what just happened to them! This half hour discipline sessions must have lasted forever in their minds!

Download the spanking movie of these young girls here.