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This buxom teenaged girl has been naughty. Very naughty, indeed. So naughty, that it cannot be easily forgiven. She’s been a very, very bad girl! And she will have to pay a price for what she has done.

The only way this girl can make up for her misschief, is by being on the receiving end of a teen spanking on her fleshy bottom.

As soon as she steps into her teacher’s office, she is told off for being a bad girl. She’s very ashamed of herself and she keeps her head lowered. She was hoping to get out of this by acting all innocent and everything, but this teacher won’t let her get away that easily.

He puts her over his lap for an old fashioned otk spanking. He pulls the girls skirt up and takes down her knickers to reveal her large, fleshy bum.

He’s using his bare hand to spank this girl across her bare bottom. Every time his hand hits her lusciously large buttocks, a loud slap can be heard. It’s making this poor girl sob and plead for relief.

The teacher doesn’t let her off the hook easily. He keeps slapping her bum as long as he sees fit. While he’s doing this, he makes sure to take a peek at her swollen pussy lips, which are showing right beneath her freshly spanked bottom.

Nice job, teach. I would’ve done the same.

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