Poor teen Jessica. She’s been a naughty girl, and now she’s going to get an otk spanking across her naughty bottom.

Frankly, I don’t mind if a spanked girl is a little chunky. It gets easier to spank a girl if her bottom has a decent size, isn’t it? In this case, Jessica deserves to get her bum punished because she’s been lying.

We can’t have girls lying, now can we? No, they’ll grow up to be liars in the future if we allow this behavior to go unpunished. There’s only one way to deal with bad schoolgirls, if you ask me. And that’s to soundly thrash their bare butt cheeks to make sure they’ll remember.

Jessica doesn’t want to be punished, but there’s no way to get out of this. The mistress takes her over her knee and spanks her bare bottom with her open hands. She does it hard enough for it to sting, as you can clearly see by the color on her cheeks.

Teen Jessica is snivelling and crying, asking for relief. But the mistress has already made up her mind. She will finish the spanking of this girl as she has envisioned it from the start.

Let’s hope spanking this girl will teach her a lesson.

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