This busty girl-next-door is apparently going for the hardcore SM-Mistress look or something like that. Too bad it’s just a look, and the outfit by itself doesn’t exactly turn her into the bad-ass she hoped to be.

Instead, she finds herself once again assuming the submissive role. This time it’s one of her own girlfriends that’s about to put her into her rightful place. In this case, that would be close to the floor.

Her girlfriend Jodie is a few sizes smaller than little miss pigtail, but that doesn’t stop her from pulling her over her knee so she can give her a barebottomed spanking across her fleshy bum. My, my… look at that flesh ripple when it’s struck by Jodie bare hand.

I believe this is a real turn-on for Jodie, as she makes her new slavegirl crawl on the floor, where she gets to watch Jodie get herself off with a dildo. I wonder what Jodie has in store for this spanked girl. Perhaps she will force her to please her until she gets off from it.