It’s not all fun and games at Girls Boarding School. Point in case… a cute Asian teen who neglected to do some serious studying on her homework. And now she has to pay the price for it.

As she takes place at the table with her teacher, the look on her face speaks volumes! You can tell by the look in her eyes that she knows there’s gonna be trouble!

That’s what bad teen girls get when they don’t do their homework like good little girls. This teen has screwed up once again, and she will be otk spanked for it. She has been punished for it in the past, and still she lets things like these happen every once in a while.

Some teens will never learn. Oh well, they know the drill. It’s pants down, over the knee and an open hand across the bare buttocks for this teen.

I like the way this teacher is going at it. She must be feeling pretty goofy lying there over his lap with her pants on her ankles. She doesn’t even the freedom to move her legs. How will she ever get away from this spanking punishment?

The teacher continues to spank her ass a really nice red and it almost makes her cry. Don’t feel bad for her, she had this coming. If you don’t do your homework, there are consequences. One day, this teen will learn that.

But until that day comes, it’s otk spanking discipline and humiliating punishment aaaaaaall the way!

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