I decided to post some more pictures of the redhead teen at Girls Boarding School from my previous post.

That last one, where she got her bottom severely lashed, was fucking great! However, it wasn’t showing any titty or pussy.

Maybe that’s where the charm came from, because not-revealing has a tendency to activate your imagination…

But then again, I always like to see the spanked teen’s private parts as she receives her punishment. You know… just to add a sense of vulnerability to the whole spanking experience. ;)

Well, no shortage of vulnerability here, I’d say. I mean… this looks downright humiliating! And if you’ll go and watch this spanking movie yourself, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Imagine how that girl must be feeling, standing there bent over the desk with her ass out in the open.

Look at the titties just hanging there as she’s standing there… and look at that cameltoe pussy in between those badly beaten asscheeks of hers.

If you were the one punishing her… would you be able to restrain yourself? Would you send this girl on her way after 50 smackings or so? Or would you get on your knees and stick your tongue up her pussy to make her feel a little better afterwards?

Feel free to leave a comment.

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