Another fantastic set of pictures from a Fetish Flixx movie about two teen schoolgirls getting spankings from a strict teacher. These girls must be pretty dumb in order to receive such harsh slaps to their bare asses in a classroom. Or maybe it’s because they were chatting. Well who cares anyway, it’s all about the spanking of teen girls for me! I even spank’em when they’ve done nothing wrong, so what am I worried about anyway.

This school teacher looks pretty strict and it’s quite a turn-on to see how this older woman deals out some serious spank-ass discipline to these innocent looking teens. I especially like the fact that these girls are quite sturdy. They’ve got big asses that you just can’t miss. Lots of surface to layeth the rear-smacking upon!

The great things about a fleshy bottom is that it makes a good sound when you hit it and I also like the flesh rippling. These teen girls deserve to be punished and if only I would have been there in person I would have made their asses at least twice as bright-glowing! Other than that, these spanked teen movies from Fetish Flixx are just awesome.


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